VA Tech Stream Team / Ecosystem Research Group

The study of energy and nutrients through interacting terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.


Blue Room

Analytical lab

  1. Dionex DX500 Chromatography System (Ion Chromatography/High Pressure Liquid

  2. OI Corporation Model 700 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

  3. SRI Model 8610 Gas Chromatograph
    (Detectors: flame ionization, thermal conductivity, and electron capture)

  4. Technicon Autoanalyzer II

  5. Perkin-Elmer Model 1100 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with Flame and Graphite Furnace

  6. Shimadzu UV-1601 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

  7. Mettler Toledo Model 5 Microbalance

  8. International Equipment Company Centra-8R Centrifuge

  9. Bench-top wet chemistry

Microbial lab

  1. Aspetic processing of soil samples/extraction of soil DNA

  2. DNA amplification by both traditional PCR and quantitative PCR

  3. PCR product separation by Denaturation Gradient Gel Electrophoresis

  4. Laminar Flow hood

  5. Biorad CFX 96 quantitative thermocycler

  6. Biorad DCode universal mutation detection system

  7. Analysis of microbial community fingerprints using Gelcompar II gel analysis software

Dirty lab

Bug room

Biogeochemical lab


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  1. Filtering water

  2. Processing organic matter samples

  3. Acid washing glassware

  1. ST/ERG meetings

  2. Data entry and processing

  3. Statistical analysis

  4. GIS

  5. Scanning / Printing

  1. Carl Zeiss Stemi 2000 stereomicroscope; 6-40X magnification

  2. Carl Zeiss stereomicroscope; 6-40X magnification

  3. Nikon stereomicroscope; 6-40X magnification

  4. Wild stereomicroscope (with side mirror); 6-50X magnification

  5. Jandel Scientific (now SPSS) digitizing tablet

  6. Olympus CH2 compound microscope; 40-1000X magnification

  1. High-speed centrifuge

  2. Soil grinding equipment

  3. Soil geochemistry (pH, EC)

  4. Drying ovens

  5. Soil sieves

  6. Mechanical sifters

Brown’s labs


  1. Large artificial stream channels and aquariums