VA Tech Stream Team / Ecosystem Research Group

The study of energy and nutrients through interacting terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.


Historical and contemporary effects of landscape disturbance on biodiversity and ecosystem processes in southern Appalachian streams; stream / riparian zone interactions

The influences of soils, climate variability, hydrology, and biodiversity on biogeochemical cycling from the scale of microorganisms to regional landscapes.  

The interrelationship between microbial communities (e.g. composition, physiology, and population/community level interactions) and ecosystem processes (e.g. litter decomposition, carbon sequestration).

Organic matter dynamics in streams; nitrogen and phosphorus in streams; stream ecosystem response to disturbance; river-floodplain interaction

Keystone mutualisms in streams; metacommunity concept and stream ecosystems; influence of habitat heterogeneity on community stability; Isolated Wetlands:  Ecology and Conservation; Community Assembly: Priority effects and disturbance; Effects of perturbations on aquatic communities

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Jeb Barrett

Fred Benfield

Bryan Brown

Michael Strickland

Jack Webster

Cayelan C. Carey

Nutrient pathways in lakes; feedbacks that occur between aquatic biogeochemical cycles and plankton communities; Local communities value and interactions with their water resources (implications for water quality)